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Floating Drive on Boat Dock shiped to Australia Sydney

Hisea Dock modular dry dock system protects the hull of your boat. The system can be enlarged by adding Jetslides sections. And since they can be connected without any mobile parts, it can securely support different types of boats.

Modular Floating pontoon platform for Fireworks

Modular Floating pontoon platform for Fireworks

Modular Floating pontoon platform for Water recreation

Modular Floating pontoon platform for Water recreation

Plastic Jet Ski Dock Advantages

The plastic jet ski dock is made of efficient new-generation HDPE (high density polyethylene). The Jet Ski slider possesses the same great advantages as the dock system.

Why Choose HiseaDock for your pontoons and jetties?

Choose HiseaDock for your floating dock plastic pontoon and plastic jet ski dock. HiseaDock is modular to form any shape, more buoyant than the competition and the most stable on the market.

How does a hiseadock drive-on dock work?

Our standard floating docks have a unique double width U channel running along the centre. These are the floats that a boat or Jetski sits on when it is on the dock. The grey cube floats running along the side add to the flotation capacity and stability.

Introduction, characteristics and value of plastic buoys

We have advanced design concepts, rich industry experience, stable production capacity and perfect management system, as a Chinese manufacturer, we provide customers with quality products, reasonable prices, fast logistics and secure services.

Floating Dock Assembly explanations

The main features of the Combi-cubes are the four fixing lugs around the cube and pin in the middle which holds the four lugs coming together when we assemble 1㎡ with 4 Combi-cubes.

Where is the value of the water buoy?

The water buoys can be combined according to the random connection to form a variety of different water platforms, which have different functions. It is widely used in the construction of water platforms. The use value of the water buoy is specifically reflected by its following characteristics


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