Floating Dock design and considerations


floating docks are built differently; they’re more flexible as they need to be able to adjust with varying water levels and general movement, smaller docks may need to have the ability to be taken out of the water during off seasons, and many require the ability to change the configuration from time to time depending on use and need. For these reasons, it’s best to consider your floating docks as separate modules, rather than one large piece.

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By constructing your floating dock in several modules, or pieces, you can easily maneuver them to where they need to be, remove them easily from the water for repair or dry land storage in the winter months, or change their configuration as you expand.

Because floating docks are made up of a float with  it’s easy to construct them in  pieces by working with the size of the floats. By placing one dock on each float and hooking the different docks together, you allow the docks to flex when waves lift them, and give yourself the ability to move them more easily.