Should i buy or hire my floating pontoon?


Do you have a development project by water, and are rightly wondering whether it's better to purchase or hire your floating pontoon? We hope that this article will guide you in your decision.

The decision to purchase or hire a pontoon depends primarily on the aim of your project, and especially on its duration. Indeed, it is the duration that determines which option is most cost-effective.

floating pontoon

Statistically, the majority of projects requiring a pontoon or a floating platform involve the purchase of infrastructure rather than rental. The trend is explained by the fact that most development projects are permanent or seasonal in nature.

Long or medium-term usage thus often justifies purchase in itself. Other criteria can be taken into consideration, however. Purchasing your own pontoon has a number of other advantages.

As an owner,

1.You can guarantee that it is maintained, and the general condition of the infrastructure

2.You are independent of any third party in terms of the installation, dismantling or moving of your infrastructure

3.You are not reliant on the availability of equipment

4.You enjoy greater modularity and a wider choice ofoptions. Indeed, for obvious stock reasons, it is unusual to find all accessories, anchors or guard-rails available for hire. If you buy, you will often enjoy a more extensive choice of equipment and possible configurations.

The purchase of a pontoon may be amortised over several years which makes purchase financially more advantageous that hire for projects of a certain duration of usage.

The costs of delivery and installation are also amortised over the duration of utilisation. Therefore, the longer the duration of use, the more the costs of delivery and installation can be spread over a long period, making purchase gradually more interesting.

Remember that there is a market in second-hand pontoons and floating infrastructure. In time, you therefore have the option of reselling the equipment you have purchased.