Where is the value of the water buoy?


The water buoys can be combined according to the random connection to form a variety of different water platforms, which have different functions. It is widely used in the construction of water platforms. The use value of the water buoy is specifically reflected by its following characteristics:

Plastic Floating Bridge

1. The bearing capacity of a single water buoy can be as high as 350kg, and the platform built can provide a stable passage for people or vehicles.

2.can be freely combined into various shapes according to demand, and easy to install and disassemble, transportation and carrying is very convenient.

3. the use period can be up to 15 years, and does not require any maintenance when using.

4.resistant to normal acid and alkali corrosion and sunlight.

5. not easy to cause all harmful substances, green life.

6. It is possible to distribute electricity, water and gas pipelines on the platform of the water buoy structure without affecting the application and appearance.

7.the surface has a non-slip design, and the variety of colors to choose from, both easy to use and good-looking.

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