Why Do You Need To Use Water Floats To Build A Marina?


With the rapid development of China's yacht industry, there are more and more yacht terminals in China. The traditional construction method is obviously no longer in line with the rapid construction of the marina. In order to provide the speed of the yacht dock, people usually use water buoys. Set up a floating dock.

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So what are the benefits of a marina built on a water buoy?

1. High efficiency: The use of water buoys to build a marina, the most obvious difference is the short engineering time and high efficiency.

2. Shapes: The ideal marina can be built according to the required graphics. The shape of the marina is more suitable for the docking of the yacht.

3. More colors: The dock built by the water buoy is more visually beautiful. The color is also more abundant.

4. Low cost: the construction of the water buoy does not require excessive cost, and the maintenance is also very convenient.